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2019 / genre Action / Actors Daniel Radcliffe / user Ratings 6,8 of 10 Star / 98 Minute / brief A guy relies on his newly-acquired gladiator skills to save his ex-girlfriend from kidnappers

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Daniel Radcliffe stars as a nerd who gets involved commenting on an online game where real people fight to the death, pissing off the wrong people and ending up as a fighter in the game. Of course his opponent is the baddest fighter of them all and to prove it they have an opening sequence where, car spinning at the same time, she takes out a series of opponents with perfectly placed shots. Amazing skills that apparently go right down the toilet as she fires several hundred shots at our hero, all of which miss. Yes, it's that kind of movie.
Daniel Radcliffe did very well for himself in the Harry Potter series but now it looks like he feels he is typecast and will do anything to break the mold. Perhaps he should look for quality roles and if none turn up take up gardening instead or learn to windsurf in some Caribbean paradise. Making bad movies just to prove you don't carry a wand in your pocket anymore isn't worth it.

Talpig fegyverben 2019 full movie stream free no sign up. Talpig fegyverben 2019 Full Movie Stream free. Talpig fegyverben 2019 full movie stream free online. Talpig fegyverben 2019 full movie stream free 2019. Talpig fegyverben 2019 Full Movie Stream free mobile. "Guns Akimbo" or, in other words, Jason Lei Howden's millennial, culturally relevant in 2019 spiritual relative of "Crank. Jokes (and Howden's twitter mess) aside, Guns Akimbo" provides some real fun, mostly in terms of action and other visual treats, with Radcliffe and Weaving adding bonus points. Other than that, it's flawed enough.
"Guns Akimbo" introduces us to a world much like ours plus "Schism" which we, thankfully, don't have as of yet. The hero, or, in simple terms, a loser (un)intentionally steps on Schism's admin's toes and now has been pitted against the champion Nix with revolvers bolted to his hands. What follows is nearly 90 minutes of action - chases, gunfights, racing, explosions and so on and so forth. It's undeniably entertaining visually and is supported by creative and dynamic camerawork, vivid and explosive color grading and crafty editing that's reaching over the line of overkill at times. Rest assured that violence gets provided in satisfactory amounts. There's so much action that compensates for the lack of some other elements & eventually "Guns Akimbo" can turn out mind-numbing for some. Radcliffe and Weaving are definitely having fun, offer up playful performances and some hit&miss one-liners. The comedy in "Guns Akimbo" is indeed of the hit&miss nature, perhaps maybe even more on the miss side. Jason Lei Howden has tried to insert social commentary, talk about our generation's thirst for blood and utter necessity to feel better at all times, the awful mess that internet is, but that all finishes its run in like the first 1/3 of the movie. Point being, Guns Akimbo" essence and point is mostly just high entertainment value. And it's good in those terms. Besides our two shining leads, Ned Dennehy also adds some fun, being maybe a little too comicky, but eccentric and pleasantly insane villain.
"Guns Akimbo" is a top tier action flick, top notch indie eye candy & an absolute blast for the hero of the day, Daniel Radcliffe. Past all that, it's just an okay movie. If you need some fast-paced, no-brakes, easy-on-the-brain fun, this goes out as recommendation especially for You. My rating: 7/10.

D. Radcliff is a star but besides him nobody convinced me to empathize thier characters.
For one time only if you have a mood for non-stop streaming action with not always clear motivation of characters.




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